Photo by Realife Photography

Photo by Realife Photography

SAFE Start-up is place where I tell stories about the startup life and all its people. I apply skills learned during my MBA coursework to better understand how and why startup ideas exist and thrive.

Sometimes the ideas are good. Sometimes they aren't. I study the market, people, and execution and develop some thoughts around the possibilities for success. The best question to ask is WHY. Why did you develop this? Why would someone want this product or service? 

Check out The Philosophy for more thoughts about what I know works best. 

Why am I doing this?

I lost my job in 2012. I looked around and realized my skills and talents were outdated. I went back to school for my MBA. After graduation, I thought jobs would land in my lap. I had a MBA after all. Well, no. It just didn't happen. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to make my own career in the startup world. 


My experience as a multi-sport official affords me the opportunity to deal with the vast spectrum of human behavior. My self awareness of how my presentation and mannerisms affects others is a primary strength. I work well on social media and as a writer.  My MBA coursework taught me the value of preparation, diligence, and follow up. The practical knowledge as well as the soft skills I learned at WGU were very valuable.


The skills necessary to thrive in the current business climate are ever-evolving. As a result, I'm learning HTML, CSS and Rails through CareerFoundry. Coding is the new necessity for life. Fitting it into my life is no harder than doing anything else worthy of my attention. As I prioritize my life, I chose to constantly learn.  

Paying the bills

I'm a fast pitch softball umpire, basketball referee, and soccer referee since 2000. I spend 11 months out of the year on some sort of sports field or court. It brings in money just not very much.

I work with a friend on consulting projects. We have advised several companies on growth and market strategy. I am thankful I found Brett Noyes. We met at the StartUp Weekend event I attended. He showed faith in me when few others would. I have learned much from his experience and love working with him. 

I'm building a social media management business. It came as a result of getting the position with Iron Yard Ventures. Not sure how it'll work out, but it's turning into a real viable idea. More coming soon.