Countdown to Celebrate 2015: Managing Expectations

Happiness in life is best achieved when reality exceeds expectations. Therefore, in order to not get disappointed in myself and over estimate the importance of this start up tech blog, I will set some parameters concerning the trip to Las Vegas and Celebrate 2015 for myself and you the viewers at home.

My Expectations of Myself

I expect to learn. I expect to learn things I'm not expecting to learn if that makes sense to you. This venture is new for me. When I decide to do something I dive in and immerse myself in every aspect, I obsess and examine and get so involved I forget about reality.

The reality is I have a long way to go. I know there are milestones along the way I must pass in order for this blog to turn into something I can rely upon. I expect to make a whole bunch of new friends and shake a lot of hands. I also expect some people to not like me.

That's just fine. I will smile and pass out all my business cards to anyone who cares to want one. I also expect to find a few (or more?) on the floor. Either way, no one will forget me. Who can forget the overbearing enthusiastic stuttering blogger? Why does that guy ask so many questions that take so long to even get out of his mouth?

I expect to be prepared. That means I will ask the right person the right question. That means I will ask Erica Minnihan questions about finance. I will ask  Jason Putorti about design. I will not get the two confused otherwise I will come off looking like an idiot and lose all credibility.

I can't, however, guarantee if I somehow get to talk to Tony  Hsieh I won't go into full fanboy mode. If I have time to prepare and get my head straight, chances of a meltdown will dramatically decrease.

Your Expectations of Me

This is the toughest one. I know to whom I'm targeting my content. I know the type of reader I want to reach. I don't know if I am getting that yet. Even on my best day I get less than 30 views on my blog. I have received three comments from all the posts leading up to Celebrate 2015. 

I do know you expect me to write well. I know you expect me to conduct myself in a manner that befits someone who belongs in this world. I know you expect me to be diligent and thorough. I will find a good story and focus on it. I hope it will resonate with you.

My Expectations of You

Robin Williams once said the worst thing a performer can experience is the deafening silence after a poorly received joke. You know, the sound of silverware touching the plate as people eat combined with the awkward realization you are just not very good. Yeah, that sound.

I don't want to get that from you. I am expect some kind of reaction. If you hate me or love me that's all I really want to know. Liked and retweeted videos are great. Direct messages are wonderful. Shared posts and comments on the blog are better. All I ask is for something even if that something is you being a grammar Nazi. At least you are reading my stuff. 

You will see my planned schedule soon. Check it out and let me know if there is something you'd like to see me cover.