Celebrate 2015: Stuff I Learned While Doing Stuff I Love

It hasn't even been a full day in Las Vegas for Celebrate 2015, and I'm already enjoying myself. The opening party was tonight. I met several great founders, had three club soda's with lime, and may have accidentally made a new friend.

Meet the Founders

This whole event was simply a meet and greet; a place to pass out a few business cards and smile a lot. Here are some great things I found out:

  1. According to Wilko Kunert of Room.me, real Germans don't use Twitter. He doesn't have a personal account, but the company does. It's a necessary evil to get into the American market.
  2. The Picking Duck team is just as cool in person as they seem online. West Coast is the best coast!
  3. The Canadian start up generator is more powerful than I had realized. After profiling Suncayr, I met Tim Newman and learned about B.R.A.K.E.R.S. On top of that, I'm trying to get a mentor session with Dan Dodge. He went to school at the University of Waterloo. In Canada.
  4. After talking with Yoel Feldman of Proonto, I realize I must get a better grip on eCommerce platforms and concepts.

A Funny Thing Happened

When I got there, the room was sparse. I walked in the door full of smiles and energy and met eyes with a person who had no badge. I extended my hand, gave my name, and asked for his. He said his name was Andre Angel. I asked what he did, and he replied he built companies. 

Oh. My Goodness.

My first thought: I shook hands with a major VC and didn't even realize it. I was nervous and panic began to fill my soul. However, with my best umpire under pressure face, I locked eyes with him and when he asked me what I did I snapped "I write about guys like you" and handed him my business card with the site on it.

And then I promptly found an excuse to get another club soda with lime.

I did say there would be milestones on this path. I think I just passed one. 

Stay Tuned For More

This is just the opening party. I met Elliot Volkman face to face. I also really connected with Will Schmidt who is a writer for Tech.co. The next two days will be so crammed with fun I may not be able to contain my inner fanboy nature.