It Has Been A While. . . .

There is a very good reason why I haven't posted here in several weeks. I'll get to it shortly. In the time between Celebrate 2015 in September and now, I have been writing for I have also been planning my next step. I operate in bursts. It's the way I think, write, and function on a daily basis. Let's break down what I've come up with as a plan:

What I'll Be Learning Next

After about one year of trying to make space in the start-up world without technical skills, I've come to understand exactly how much I need them. I've done plenty of research into the best way of getting coding skills. I've spoken to many friends in the technology world. I've looked at all the coding bootcamps and programs available. 

I have chosen to enroll in Treehouse to learn my coding skills. It's the most cost effective way I've found to get these skills and still do all the things to which I've committed. I have collegiate basketball this fall. I have softball tournaments and regular season games to which I have committed.

So for $39 per month I'll have access to a library of lectures and assignments to learn how to code. Treehouse says if you dedicate 5-8 hours per week to their program within 45 days you will have enough skill to get a job. They add that within one year you should be able to get a job writing and refining mobile apps. 

For less than $500 I can learn all the coding skills I need to make something happen. I'm sure I'll need constant refreshers and practice. No worries there. I've been learning how to be a better umpire and referee for 15 years. Nothing new to figure out. On top of that, I just finished my MBA in June. It was 100% online and self-driven. If I can finish that, I can finish this coding thing.

Why Should You Care

I've always said in order to tell the best story I need to be the story. Empathy is a strength of mine. If I cut through the forest of doubt first, I can better show the way that might serve you best. I know each journey is unique. I know everyone is different. I hope my example can motivate you to stay focused and keep moving.

If you follow me anywhere on social media, you'll notice my writing for It has been a very enlightening experience. I've had PR firms reach out to me asking to write stories about their clients. I'm always straight with them. I'm going ask tough questions about their product and company. I'll do my research and find out their details. I'll be engaging and energetic. Then I'll tell a good story.

The first of these was my piece about Michelle Forsythe and NoteStream. It came after my pieces about women in tech for Seattle StartUp Week. She was funny and easy to speak to. We found common ground in writing and laughed about her being a female CEO. 

That story has lead to many new contacts. My point here is the path may seem murky and tough at times. Take all the contacts you can. Talk to all the people you can. Serendipity of connection will eventually kick in and your name will get out there. I've grown my Twitter following my 50 in the last three weeks just from writing seven articles on

Back to The Beginning

 Now to answer the question about time. Why haven't I written on my own blog in so long? This is my creative thinking space. I throw things around and figure out what works. I did that will all the Celebrate 2015 posts. The format and context changed as I wrote more and more. I've written some crappy stuff lost of good stuff. That's what being creative is all about.

I've found my new focus. It was a bit of a let down after Celebrate 2015. Maybe my expectations were too high, or something else. I'm not too sure. I've been away because I had to refocus and make sure I was headed the right direction. 

Writing for is great as it a more formal setting. I have an editor who cleans up my messy prose and finds the best way to get my point across. That's what he's meant for. Here I'll throw some things around and tell a meandering story that I hope you'll follow.

Stay tuned for more. . .