The Value of Doing Something New

I find myself stuck at times. I'm an active person who likes to accomplish many things during a day. Exactly what I get done and the value I create varies each day, but I decided a while back the only way I was going to get back out of this hole was to consistently create value for others.

Credibility Equals Value

The best way I know how to create value is investing my time in someone's well being. That takes on many faces and what one find valuable another may not. That means I must develop my own talents in such a way as to be adaptable to any situation.

Most of you know I have been an umpire and referee for 15 years. I work three sports and my role in each is different. In softball I'm very well respected and sought after for my knowledge. I assign and train umpires for various levels. I'm important.

For basketball, I'm on the other end. I started NCAA Women's basketball this year after six years in high school basketball. I decided to challenge myself, and to all put myself in a situation where I had to get back to being humble and hungry. Officiating college sports is not for the weak minded. It's grueling and tedious. I'm headed to my third scrimmage today. I have one more before the season starts. These are glorified practices where we get to run up and down the court for free and refine our skills while the players refine theirs.

Make no mistake about it. The coaches are watching me as much as they are watching their teams. I'm trying out for them, and all the feed back goes to my supervisor whether I know it or not.

That's the lesson I'm teaching myself. Everyone is watching all the time. I have to be sharp and focused. I must be ready and able to respond with the correct call and rule at any given time if I'm to build credibility. Once I have the credibility, then I can create value for someone.

Embrace The Grind

This mountain I have chosen to climb is a difficult one. I know reaching the top will take effort beyond what most are willing to spend. Most of the time spent will be alone with a book or my laptop studying something. That's why I have this blog. That's why I'm telling this story. I want you to understand what it means to embrace and live the grind.

Life is a grind of hard work. Successful people all tell the same story, and all the motivational posters are true. There is NO substitute for putting in the time. I get more efficient with my time as I learn, and thus I can more quickly. 

Using My Skills to Build New Ones

Challenging myself with a new level of basketball capitalizes upon my current skill set and makes me raise my game. I carry this into my business and writing life. By staying dynamic and consistently growing I don't get comfortable.  That's the lesson I want you to learn. The only way out is through, and it's not easy. It started this process one year ago this month on LinkedIn. I didn't know what to write about, but I knew I had to start somewhere.

So I started HERE. Looking back at that and seeing where I'm currently standing is satisfying. I want you to take that lesson to heart. The worst thing you can do is nothing. You'll never get back to anywhere near where you'd like to be if you just sit there and do nothing.