Personal Health for Professional Change

There are four sides to your being with which you must deal on a daily basis. Getting them in line with your goals is vital to your success. This may seem silly at first, but handling these aspects of yourself will put you back into balance so you can get back to work. I realize it all sounds a little woo-woo and magical. It's really science. I'm not breaking any new ground here, but I'm putting it in a way you'll understand it better.

The Physical Side

You can't function without your health. I realize you are feeling a little frustrated right now maybe even desperate. It'll get worse if you don't sleep enough and eat regularly. The feeling of needing to act right now is understandable. It's actually a good thing. Urgency is a wonderful thing when properly directed. 

Plan to get sleep. Plan to eat at regular times. Change your physical activity level with a daily walk. Sure, there will be things that pop up which require you to go without a few extra hours of sleep or miss the physical activity. Make those the exception and not the rule. Develop a routine, and still be open to adjusting it. If you can make a simple adjustment in your physical needs, you'll find making other adjustments will become easier.

The Emotional Side

There are several parts here. First, take care of your own happiness whatever that means. I can't forecast what will make you happy tomorrow. I assume you have things and people that are important to you. Start there. 

It's OK to feel down at times. I was there myself. I still end up there at times because it's a long road back. I'm not where you are right now. I'm just further along the path.

Service is an important act which will build your self worth back to a point where you can focus again. I give platelets at the Red Cross twice a month. I do this because my wife had a friend who died form Leukemia. A big part of her treatment was regular platelet infusions. I do it because it's important to my wife.

The act of service helps you move outside yourself and see those around you who need you. It also opens your heart and sets perspective. You can serve as a mentor to someone in your former field. Social media is great for that. I have served as a SCORE business mentor for over a year. Not only am I giving back and helping small business grow, I'm learning and making contacts which will help down the road.

The Spiritual Side

I'm not going to preach. I can't know your personal beliefs. If you're atheist or agnostic, skip to the next section because I'm going to get a little metaphysical here.

Whatever faith you may have, it'll serve you going forward. I know my faith served in my darker hours and has pushed me along when I felt no urge to get up again. If you pray, keep it up. If you attend church, find a way to be involved with the ministry. If you read scripture, nourish the habit. Your faith is yours. Focus on the love and grace you believe is there. Don't use it to justify being angry at the world. That's why people fly planes into buildings.

The Mental Side

I saved this for last because it's the one tool you can consistently cultivate and has the greatest impact on every other aspect. You must read books and website you've not previously considered. Take in things you might initially disagree with and challenge your thinking. 

The biggest thing you can do it find someone whom you admire for their success and talents and copy their path. I'll get more into that idea in another post. That idea is initially how Tony Robbins made his name. He helped people by simply pointing out how their goals are not new. Find someone who has done it before and copy their actions. 

The mental aspect is like every other part in this list. You must spend consistent time on cultivating it. Never be satisfied with thinking you've got it figured out. Doing that allows arrogance to set it and you start thinking you are the smartest person in the room. HERE's some more to back that up. 

At our age with our backgrounds, the hardest thing in the world is being and staying humble. Humility is the ONLY way to combat the expert syndrome. If you were so awesome, you'd still be able to get a job the field you were in. You're not so you can't. 

This is where most fall down and can't get up. This is where the younger generation mocks us for sitting in our collective rocking chairs holding our shotguns yelling at the kids to get off our dirty brown lawn. My best advice to you is STOP IT! JUST STOP IT!

Everything Is One Big Circle

You'll have to work to get back to work, and get back to where you want to be. All the things on the list are connected. A deficiency in one area hurts the others. I realize this is a big task. I'm not saying this will be easy, but making the journey is worth it. Work on a little bit of each side every day. In a month of small changes, you look back and realize just how much you've done

There are many cliches I can throw in here. Just remember this: ALL the motivational posters are correct. You just have to apply them correctly.