3 Reasons (And More) To Use UScreen Video Platform To Grow Your Business

Traditional television is in a death spiral because it can’t meet the specific and instant demand of today’s market. Even with cable subscription rates dropping year to year, those eyeballs are watching shows on NetFlix and Hulu. That means video is where business needs to be in order to grow.

UScreen capitalizes on this growing market with its streaming and on demand video website framework. It’s a simple and easy to use platform that provides all the tools necessary to manage your website. Here are three reasons Uscreen is great for business:

Repeating Revenue With A Subscription Model

There’s a reason NetFlix revenue has grown from $2.16 billion in 2010 to $6.78 billion in 2015. Subscription services are hot. Not only does your business have great cash flow, subscriptions provide customers with 24/7 access to any and all video content. That’s the reason binge watching has replaced clubbing as the reason to call in to work and fake being sick.

Video Is Explosive And People Will Pay For It

Just because people cut their chord doesn’t mean they won’t watch. It’s really an indication that viewers want better choices on their schedule. There’s a very good reason why Amazon invested $3 billion into video and music content for its Prime service. People still watch video, but on their time and their way.

A great example of this is Twitch.tv. Just as there are full time YouTubers who actually make money posting videos, there are full time Twitch streamers. These streamers have monthly subscribers and tippers who pay to watch video games being played live and on demand.

Portable, Responsive, And 100% Yours

Websites these days are only as good as their mobile UX and user controllability. Uscreen’s features allow businesses to customize the message with templates and themes that work across all devices.  

All devices means all devices. iOS and Android apps along with Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and smart TVs are all supported providing a completely portable viewing experience

Additionally, there’s no domain sharing. Each business owns their domain. There are no extraneous labels nor code indicating who hosts the site.

And More. . .

The Uscreen platform comes full circle for managing business with payment processing for multiple gateways and store management for monthly subscriptions as well as one-time rentals and payment.

Marketing isn’t ignored either. There are plenty of available analytics to track every aspect of the user interface as well as social media integration. There’s email management through MailChimp and Constant Contact integration. Discounts and coupons can be easily added and removed, businesses can customize their checkout page for affiliate providers.

My Thoughts

When I wrote about my experience at TwitchCon, I said streaming was the thing to replace traditional TV. Smart businesses should embrace this new reality for the benefit of their survival. Uscreen is the fully managed framework for anyone who wants to grab it.

Uscreen makes its money with a four-tier subscription service of its own. The best part is the consistency of the overhead for business owners.  Uscreen doesn’t take a percentage of each sale. Customers aren't nickel and dimed to death buying add ons for storage services or bandwidth. Uscreen doesn’t own the content on sites it hosts. There is no contract because all subscription plans are month-to-month.

PJ Taei founded Uscreen because he saw the opportunity in the market. He developed a plug and play platform with plenty of tools and support. The only thing PJ can't do with Uscreen is make videos for you. It's up to each business owner to know their audience and provide quality content.

PJ’s credibility is solid. Crunchbase shows a single $500k round of funding in February 2014. From that, Uscreen is cash flow positive and in an excellent position to grow with the market

Uscreen has 1100 customers right now. Zumba is the most recognizable of the group. Looking at the use cases on the main site, fitness sites are already taking advantage of the trend.

This makes sense on plenty of levels. Why pay for a gym membership when you can host a few friends and work out in your living room? This concept reminds me of the article I wrote about Keith Kotchner and LiveStreaming Fitness for Tech.co.

The business opportunities are wide open. The traditional education model is dying a slow death along with cable TV. Remote education is the bridge that could bring together communities worldwide. All that is necessary is the right framework. Uscreen is that platform.

Connect with Uscreen on Twitter and Facebook. All payment plans have a 14-day free trial, and you can adjust your tier based upon your growing needs at any time.