Back to Work Comparing Mobile Apps

My post about Gary Vee was over two months ago. I have let you down with my inactivity. I dropped the ball. Time to pick it up again and get back to work.

This startup/freelance writing life has put me in contact with many great people. Skype is my friend even though its performance as a communication device is lacking at times. The combination of Skype and social media allow me to find smart people and tell their stories. That's why I created this site. 

Coming Up. . .

I spoke with Max Kersting co-founder of recently. I met Max and Wilko at Celebrate 2015. I thought it would be interesting to compare this mobile app with another roommate matching app. I previously spoke with Ajay Yadav of Roomi in order to get a better understanding of his startup app.

I have a great post from my conversation with Ajay ready to go. You will see it tomorrow. My chat with Max was much shorter and less formal. It didn't yield enough to put in a full post, and yet it inspired me to better things. 

Next week expect a post with my thoughts about the apps here. I plan to include my impressions of each app along with data from and Crunchbase to paint a full picture around the possibilities and position of each app.

In The Meantime. . .

I took a look back to my early growth and success. I realized I got away from what made this fun and created good content that brought people in. Going forward you will see more Twitter videos, more posts here, and more general interaction on LinkedIn and other social media. I will continue searching for interesting stories and intriguing people because that's what you want.

I'm planning other ways to get back to my roots. I got my initial boost from covering The Mill pitch event in June 2015. Those posts are HERE and HERE. That experience taught me a lot about expectations in the startup world. Going to Celebrate 2015 made me realize how much simple interactions effect relationships.

I'm returning to Vegas in June and October then Seattle in November with a few new twists on content creation, but only if you want it. 

Let me know your thoughts here and on Twitter @LearningBill. Talk to you soon.