My Personal StartUp Story: DIVAs is born

Moving down the startup/freelance path I quickly realized simply assembling facts and stories from others wouldn't serve me. I need to create my own value if I'm to ever really have a name. Telling stories for others has put me in contact with smart and powerful people. Now I'm taking advantage of those connections.

The Backstory

My work for led to a connection with Michelle Forsythe of NoteStream. I wrote a post about her app and experience as a female CEO in a largely male space. The post was well received, and it led to me writing another post about WingIt.

NoteStream is building a book club with a twist. Instead of releasing full stories all at once, they are going back to a serialization format. Books used to be released in this manner, and it was only fitting that the first books to come out on NoteStream were Great Expectations along with Pride Prejudice. Do the research into how Dickens and Austen wrote their stories. You'll know what I mean.

David Gardner of NoteStream liked my work for him, and asked if I had a fiction story idea he could use on the app. Of course I did. What kind of writer would I be if I didn't have several characters living in my head dying to get out? 

Interactive Literature: Breaking The Fourth Wall

I know if I want DIVAs to be successful I must think is unconventional ways. There's so much noise online that it's easy to get lost in the jungle. I decided to write my story from a comic book perspective in a format where people could interact with the characters and directly impact the story.

DIVAs is an interactive fiction story about extraordinary people with ordinary issues. 

I started with the serial publication format and added social media. Each main character has their own Twitter account. I want readers to ask each character questions about anything, but specifically the story. Of course we all know who's running these accounts:

The Colonel: She's the boss and the backbone of the entire DIVA program.

Vicki Reynolds: The face of uncomfortable truth and reality. Snarky quips are her second best thing.

Peg Gilbertson: Innocence, naivety, and beautifully deadly awesomeness. And kitties, too.

Darcy Darwin: Darcy is smarter than you about most everything except herself. 

In keeping with the comic book mindset, readers can submit fan art to the DIVAs Instagram account. Send your interpretations of what each character looks like in any theme. I realize female comic book characters are very stylized so keep it PG-13. Submit your drawings HERE.

What To Expect

This is my first attempt at book publication. I have no concept of what I'm getting myself into, but I know it will be busy and exciting. I expect I will repeat myself many times on many different podcasts and shows encouraging millions of people download NoteStream and read my story.

I expect you to interact with me and the characters. I want it to be more fun than drinking free lattes while watching cat videos on YouTube. It will also be plenty of work, but most fun starts as work until enough people are paying attention.

DIVAs goes live April 16. New sections come out every Tuesday and Saturday. 

I also expect you to download the NoteStream app on iTunes and Google Play. Share this post then go download it. Do it. NOW!