Broodcast: Connect Online, Meet In Person

When you are lonely, bored, and looking for something other than swiping right and hooking up, use Broodcast to find people in your area who want to hangout and get to know you better. Broodcast is a mobile app from the heart and mind of Claudio Pereria. He developed Broodcast because he wanted to find like-minded people near him and do more than just chat through a device.

App Basics

Broodcast employs a map feature combined with GPS locators and your profile when scanning for other users near your location. The screen looks like this:

Groups and individuals are highlighted. You can initiate a one on one or group chat and set up a meetup at any location. Here's an example screen:

It may look overly simple, and yet there is more to the app than expected. Populated within the app are also local events like restaurants and festivals. The goal of Broodcast, according to founder Claudio Pereria, is to move beyond the barrier created by a phone and grow your circle of friends in the real world.

Founder Bio

Claudio Pereria was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He worked as an IT specialist for a cement company for over 10 years where he developed skills on the technical end a well as the financial. Once he presents his final paper, Claudio will earn his MBA in Finance from Fundação Getulio Vargas

As Claudio finished up with schooling, he started a consulting business focused on ERP solutions. It was during this time he felt lost and lonely as he built up the business into a viable enterprise. This gave birth to the pain point which led to his development of Broodcast. Claudio was a single man in search of new friends and experiences to have with them.

In his best entrepreneurial spirit, Claudio sought out a mentor from his former job. His friends Roberto motivated Claudio to move forward with Broodcast. 

"He is the one guy made this whole thing possible for me," Claudio said. "My intention was not to get him directly involved but to get feedback." Claudio continued "When he questioned me about the app, his only concern was how much would it take to build it."

Moving to San Francisco

January 2015 Claudio went to San Francisco for a week and met with local dev shop Appster. They analyzed the feasibility and cost. Claudio returned to Brazil and brought his information to Roberto who then invested $72,000 to get Claudio off the ground. 

Claudio then moved his whole life to Silicon Valley and met Matthew Ward at a startup event. Matthew helped build and refine the app with his technical expertise from his experience as the founder of SF Mobile Apps

Claudio has not applied to any accelerators as yet. He believes getting traction first is vital to getting accepted into the right program. When I asked Claudio about how he planned to get enough users to make his app viable, he said once he tests and refines the app paid advertisement is his chosen path.

Broodcast launches April 29 on iOS with the Android version to follow in May. Follow Broodcast on LinkedIn,  Facebook,  and on Twitter for all launch details.