Get Great Tools For Immediate Lead Generation

Your startup and freelance lifeline is built and sustained by a consistent stream of reliable leads. Being a fantastic developer or writer is easy for you, but finding repeating work that pays is another task entirely. Many freelancers burnout and reluctantly move back into the corporate world because they don't have the skills to fill their pipeline.

Business Labs and its founder YJ Shah aims to fix that with his lead generation course. For $100 he shows you how to present yourself and your work to the right people on the right platforms through website evaluation, personal one-on-one consultations, round table problem solving sessions, and follow up emails to ensure your success.

YJ Shah is based in Hyderabad, India. His sales and strategy work has brought him several recommendations from people happy with his skills. You can read them as well as the course outline HERE

The primary focus of the course is lead generation. There is no membership to buy from the site. This isn't a social media training course where you spend hours each day grinding out Tweets and Facebook posts hoping to catch the odd fish or two. Instead, YJ teaches how to find 100 or more paying leads without social media or bidding on open freelancer marketplaces. 

Early Bird Bonus

Enrolling in the course now allows you access to additional benefits. It is here where the personal one-on-one sessions are provided. Additionally, YJ will break down your website and LinkedIn profile to help streamline your funnel and convert your leads better. These additonal features are worth an extra $69, but paying your $100 now gets you these pieces for free.

Personal Note

I work closely with YJ often. He has helped me better understand how international business is conducted and opened my eyes to a global stage. I believe his drive and vision can help you grow your own business and increase your cash flow. I invite you to sign up for the course and implement his methods. If you are unhappy with the results, he will refund your money and address your concerns. His only goal is helping your business grow. 

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