The Search For A CoFounder

Truly innovative startup ideas are increasingly difficult to develop. More and more a startup is successful because of market timing, funding, promotion, and ultimately the team. The best idea in the world will fail if the team doesn't share vision and values.  

Services like CofoundersLab exist just to match teams of people to bring a startup to life.  It's a very formal and intense service that has done well. Check their CrunchBase listing for details.  Depending on whom you ask, it's either a great idea or a terrible one. Either way, this space is becoming crowded with several others getting into the founder dating world. 

This Story Is Personal

These founder dating services are always met with skepticism because of one or two bad experiences that become over exaggerated then thrown around the internet. This story is about YJ Shah. I recently wrote about him and his new course offering. 

I believe in the serendipity of connection. I met YJ on Google + early in my career, and we connected immediately. His vision and drive led us to initially collaborating on social media strategy for the first iteration of Business Labs. 

YJ has extensive experience scaling businesses of all sizes by optimizing their operations and processes. During this time, he experienced first hand a major pain point for nearly every entrepreneur: finding and utilizing the best talent to get work done.

As a freelance consultant and sales trainer, YJ knows both sides of the coin. He understands the disconnect between those who need talented people for big projects and the freelance developer and designer who can't seem to find high quality repeating work that pays. This is how and why Business Labs was born.

Why A Technical CoFounder

YJ is the idea guy for his startup. He needs a technical co founder not only for the web development and programming skills but to also help with the financial side of the equation. Two heads are typically better than one, but not just any two heads will do.

Cofounders must be on the same page is terms of vision and execution. I know YJ is a flexible person who easily adapts to any given circumstance. That doesn't mean he compromises on his long term view of business. He needs a partner who can grind out the day-to-day steps on the way with him. He plans to have a profile on soon. I will post that as an update here when he does. 

HERE is the Business Labs website. You can connect with YJ on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Check out the Business Labs Facebook page and learn more. You can get investment details and all terms when you reach out to YJ directly. He is quick to respond to contacts and easy to reach. I invite you to find out more.