Why Safe StartUp Periscope Casts?

I get new ideas all the time. Such is the startup life. As a result of experience and perspective, before I jump at them with all my creative energy, I must ask why. Why this idea right here right now?  I asked myself that question before I started doing the Periscope cast. On the first cast I gave an answer.

Then I thought about it more. This goes beyond simply a different form of blogging. This is more than just talking about my love for new technology ideas that make lives better and change the world.  

My Unique Value Proposition

Like all aspiring entrepreneurs, I need to eat and pay my mortgage right along with helping you. That's how this works. After some pondering, here's my value to you:

I save you time by using my curiosity and research skills to find new technology ideas, stories, and people you want to hear about in a defined time frame. 

I realize that's not a necessarily new concept. I'm not disrupting anything. However, I was inspired by this blog post from Adam Erhart. I was doing most of the things with my blogging. I helped startups gain some traction through my writing and social media sharing. I was newsjacking, as Adam puts it, by putting my opinions into the end of my blog posts. That left using video to stake my claim in the market and create the connections and network necessary to turn this into something more.

Social Media Is Awesome And Cheap

I know I want to build a podcast at some point, but I had to start somewhere. I realized given my presence on Twitter that Periscope was a perfectly free way to build a following and still do what I love.

The reaction to my first cast was awesome. I have sponsor ready. We just need to work out some details. 

This all begs the question: Why does this work right now? It works because people love video, like Adam said in his blog post. They also love choice. Streaming video is that new choice. Cable TV systems have told us what to watch forever. Choice is the new currency that we have, and streaming platforms like Twitch.TV and Netflix have capitalized on it. However, traditional TV isn't dead for two reasons: structure and originality. That leads me into my final point.

Making My Own TV Show

Platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook, Meerkat, and Periscope are great for on demand viewing. Viewers get to see original content in the moment it happens. However, not everyone has the time to sit and watch for an undetermined amount of time while the streamer does his thing forever.

Major TV events like Game of Thrones premier episodes and all professional sports are like this. They are original and structured. That's what streaming video needs to become in order to grow. 

My solution to that problem is keeping my weekday casts under 20 minutes. A short-time frame makes for easier prep time and execution of the product. It also respects your time. I know you don't have all day to listen to my stuttering face. So it falls to me to provide quality content in the most convenient period of time for your lifestyle. I know this won't work for everyone. That's ok. I'm not trying to be all things to all people. Not knowing the audience is the number one way for a startup to fail.

I might change the format and duration of weekend casts. Weekend time is less premium for most, and relaxed cast is a good change of pace. Your feedback will determine that choice.

Answering The Final Why

In the end, making all this work depends on my personality, my execution, and my credibility. So should you watch me? Am I any kind of authority? Do I have credibility? If you ask me, the answer is yes. In the end, the audience will vote with their clicks, shares, and likes. The people who tune into my casts will have the final say on that question, and my ability to listen and react to those who watch me is vital to my success.

Thanks for jumping on board. This will be fun. See you soon!