Apparel Startup Good Ole Boys Is About Loyalty, Brotherhood

When Neal Moseley was a teenager, his grandfather gave him three hats. Neal held those hats in high esteem because of what they stood for and the group of friends they represented. The hats stand as the foundation of of the brand that is Good Ole Boys.

Bill Moseley was a football coach at Sidney Lanier high school in Montgomery, Alabama for five years. He was also an assistant at the University of Kentucky for two. He passed August 2015. During his life, Coach Moseley cultivated such good relationships he would golf and have lunch with many former players. These great relationships afforded Coach the opportunity to present a former player of his, Bart Starr, for induction into the Pro Football Hal of Fame.

The Product

The foundation of the Good Ole Boys brand is the hat. There are four currently on the site. Neal said within six months t-shirts and polo shirts will be launched. The full line of clothing including shirts, visors, shorts, custom golf balls, golf gloves, and towels is planned for launch in the next 12 months.

I asked Neal about testing designs and styles. He said with available social media platforms testing ideas is as simple as putting two images together and asking for preferences. This makes Instagram a great place for the brand to live. Combine that with Instagram launching their Stories feature it makes a great platform to grow the brand.

The Team And Partners

Neal has three other founders who share his vision for Good Ole Boys. Bo Wood is the PR and Marketing manager for the brand. Wood also does photography for Good Ole Boys when he's not traveling the world as Media Manager for the Gary Player Group. 

Will Freemon runs Eggs Up Grill in Greenville, SC. He helps Neal with day to day things and manages the college rep program for the brand. Sam Kleckley lives in New York. He is the design and product manager. Neal said having boots on the ground in a major city like New York is a great asset. 

Neal also knows any aspiring fashion brand needs influencer marketing from relevant partners. The company has signed up three ambassadors to expand brand awareness.

Clinton Mize is a professional snowboarder from Virginia Beach, VA and now lives in Park City, UT. He began competing in 2015 and has many other sponsors including KIND Snack Bars, Arctic Ice Coolers and C4 Belts. Ryan Keefe works in the golf industry specializing in merchandising apparel and equipment in pro shops. Crawford Reeves is the third professional helping build the brand. He wears Good Ole Boys hats on his travels between PGA tournaments. He also advises the team on gear for on the course, and, in perhaps his most vital function to the company, Crawford advises Neal on Neal's rusty golf swing.,

Neal sees these professionals as the gateway to expanding the brand to more young men like himself.

Scaling The Brand

Neal told me in six months he's working toward 40,000 followers online. He said the Greenville, SC area is a growing business hub, and he believes the company is in the right place. Within a year Neal knows the brand will grow to 90,000 followers as the full product line is rolled out. 

I asked about marketing and strategy. Specifically, I asked about SnapChat. The brand has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Neal said he's excited for SnapChat to add the ability to click thru to the site. He didn't rule out being on SnapChat at some point. "Instagram just rolled out their Stories feature," he said. "So it makes to be there and wait and see what happens on SnapChat." 

Coming Attractions

Neal loves networking and interacting with followers and other entrepreneurs. He also enjoys advising early stage companies. He is doing a live streaming Q&A session on my YouTube channel on Monday August 22 at 8 pm Eastern. Bring your questions. He'll bring some answers and other good stuff.