Silence Cannot Be Quoted

I purposely haven't been here in a while because I'm working extra hard on other projects. That isn't to say I haven't wanted to write here. This is MY space. I can do anything I want here. I can say anything I want. In these times of outrage and conclusion jumping, that is often the problem.

Not Everything Needs My Opinion

Plenty has taken place is the last several months. Theranos was exposed for being a complete fraud. Yahoo was exposed for trying to hide the hack so Marissa Meyer can cash out and call her time a success for female CEOs everywhere when it's not. The EpiPen was the center of another Big Pharma Senate hearing. There was an election in there, too. I think.

Everyone with a keyboard and five minutes took it upon themselves to become instant culture warriors. Rather than get lost in the ever-widening abyss that is outrage media, I took some advice I was given several years ago by a now-retired softball mentor: Silence cannot be quoted.

Add to that the fact the country is collectively stuck in a moment of disbelief, and there's the recipe for a running series of redundant calls to action to save the world from. . . .whatever. Hell, I don't know anymore. I do understand there is no profit in being rational and staying firmly planted in the middle of any argument. So I just folded my electronic arms and stayed in the back of the party staring a this interesting houseplant that is my blog.

Silence Doesn't Mean Inaction

That isn't to say I'm sitting here doing nothing. I'm still the Social Media Manager for Iron Yard Ventures in Las Vegas. I'm executing a strategy to build engagement toward the fall cohort where I will really get my startup feet wet as I get as up close and personal with as many founders as possible for 12 weeks. 

I'm also 50% through my CareerFoundry course learning HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails. It takes most of my free time when I'm not in a softball field or basketball court. Learning to code is difficult at best and similar to being a basketball referee at a weekend tournament full of temperamental six-year-old girls. Things often go sideways and nothing logical fixes the problem.

But why stay silent this whole time?

Back To The Point

Just as I thought the Managing Director of IYV in Vegas and I were starting to get on the same page for the future, he was let go. I kept my job for the moment, but how and why? It's because I never went off the deep end. I kept my head down, did my job, and made sure those who could directly affect my future came first in my day. 

All this garbage happening right now is NOT a hill I want to die on. The world doesn't need another stupid blogger further stirring the outrage pot. What must happen now is the opposite of everything: Peace, fun, joy, success. I decided it's my job to find that and promote it, and the less I say the better. 

There are multitudes of smart, passionate people out there just grinding away hoping for a shot at a shot. The fall program for Iron Yard Ventures might be that opportunity. If I can get someone in that can make a real difference here in Vegas for the hospitality industry, it means I did my job. 

And in the end, that's really all that matters.