I know you like to read otherwise you wouldn't be here. Below is a list of books I have personally read. Each one has helped me better understand a part of the culture I'm seeking to break into. There are many different aspects to the start up world. If you can't code, then you have to understand the behavior of customers and users. These books will help in the process.

The first book I read in my start up journey was Buy-ology by Martin Lindstrom. It really opened my eyes to why people behave the way they do. We are not the logical creatures we pretend we are. Instead, we react emotionally to almost everything and then go back after the fact and selectively choose facts to fit our choice.

No One Understands You is the best book for personal revelation in my start up journey. I may think I'm valuable and make sense, but it's really all about perception. If you want to overcome the perceived bias surrounding your situation, you MUST read this book.

I have learned how my old behaviors were reinforced by previously useful precursors and rewards. In order to create new and better habits, I have to adjust the precursors to the rewards. The old rewards are not going to get me new things. Teaching yourself new habit is hard, but simple once you understand the underlying motivators and needs. I recommend this book for the tough road ahead as you acquire new skills.

This book will take me a while to finish. Reading the first two chapters has made me realize how deep this subject can be. This book has plenty of insight into the mind and why people act as they do. More here once I finish.